2021 Studio Update

So...here's the news! Viv's Print Studio (aka quite simply the studio) will be relocating! Yes folks, changes are afoot and I shall be swapping the coastal breezes of Bayside Melbourne for the country air of the Macedon Ranges! Not too far (about an hour from the city) and workshops will no doubt continue once I have the studio set up although it does need to be built first! More details to follow but for the time being, no more studio workshops at this stage. Commissions and private ... Continue Reading

Bye 2020!

Every year it's a given that some new teatowels will be printed for the Festive Season. It's also one of the ways I love to finish the year off. Whether it's for customer orders or my own gifting, it signals winding down the studio for the holidays. I love a wreath and so there's usually at least one version. I'm also partial to stars so this year they both made an appearance in the 2020 tea towel printathon in the studio! As always at the end of the year, time is always short and my ... Continue Reading

Lino block experiments

Relief printing is a process where a raised surface has ink applied to it so the image can be transferred to paper. To create the raised image, sharp tools called gouges remove areas of the surface material which in this case is lino and what remains will be what is printed. Pressure is applied when transferring the image from the lino to the paper. One method is with a letterpress. However, if no ink is used but pressure is still applied, an image will still result and this is generally ... Continue Reading

Creating in lockdown

Now that we're coming out of our second lockdown, as well as taking stock and looking forward and making plans, I've also been using this time to re-visit my previous 'to-do' lists! One hundred plus days of stringent lockdown has not been the easiest thing to do but I did find that having a list of what I wanted to get through was indeed what I believe saved my sanity! Creativity is truly essential for mental health and more so I feel whilst we were living through so much uncertainty! ... Continue Reading

Let’s go Melbourne!

Yippee! Lockdown #2 is almost over and boy was this second one tough! Well done Melbourne! Time to move forward! Curfews have lifted, distance restrictions are easing and whilst we still need to be vigilant with our health and hygiene many of us now have a spring in our step when venturing out. Kids have gone back to school, many businesses are slowly getting back on their feet and there are many new creative and innovative incentives for all aspects of our recovery. For some, ... Continue Reading

Printing on t-shirts

In previous posts I've described different printing methods on fabric. My main faves being plain weave cottons for quilting and linen for tea towels. Different textures and weaves produce different prints. I also like to print on t-shirts which is quite different again. T-shirts are made from a knit fabric unlike the fabric I usually print on which is woven. Knit fabric is generally made up of a single yarn, looped continuously (interloped or knitted) and woven fabric usually uses multiple ... Continue Reading

Relief printing on fabric

When I print on fabric I generally use the 'stamping' method as I don't have a press in my little studio. It's quite a different result than printing on paper because I often use a barren or wooden spoon then, to help apply pressure to transfer the image. On fabric, however, I found neither a barren nor wooden spoon were as effective and so it really comes down to how much ink and how much pressure can be applied without 'moving' either the Lino or the fabric. I use masking tape to ... Continue Reading

Directional fabric in patchwork

Directional fabrics, also known as 'one-way prints' are those where the print has a definite direction and would look upside down or sideways if care wasn't taken when cut. Sometimes I don't particularly care as the blocks are small or not really noticeable or perhaps they're all so random the quilt doesn't have an 'up' or 'down' and it doesn't matter. Other times however, they can stick out like a sore thumb and if it's going to bother you then a bit of care is required when cutting and ... Continue Reading

A little visible mending goes a long way!

Over the last few years I have become quite conscious of fast fashion and it's consequences so I've tried to be more mindful not only in my purchases but also what I already have. In past generations, consumerism was nowhere near the levels of today and I find I am drawn to some of the more utilitarian methods of making do and using what we already have if I can. Crafting seems to have grown up! From patchwork to mending, many old crafts are coming back but now, instead of just being a ... Continue Reading

Intaglio Printing

This technique is the opposite of relief printing as whatever is to be printed is cut into the surface, which then holds the ink. The raised areas then have the ink removed before pressure is applied to dampened paper forcing it into the cuts below the surface of the printing plate to pick up the ink. Here I have used a thin aluminium plate but any other metal could be used, traditionally copper, zinc or magnesium however, even acetate sheets or coated papers produce some ... Continue Reading