Lettering on Lino!

I love the versatility of lino printing – reasonably easy to do; doesn’t require a whole lot of fancy tools or equipment and I can whip something up pretty quickly! Whether it’s a last minute gift (which I’d spent months thinking about but didn’t action until the night before!) or a genuinely spur of the moment idea for something fun!

Cards are a great way to experiment and gift. It really is the thought that counts! So… when I’m dreaming up my next lino print a little thought does go a long way.

Take lettering and relief printing for example. Images carved into lino need to be a ‘mirror image’ if directional. Sometimes it’s not important but it is vital when it comes to lettering!


I often draw my images directly onto the lino. However, if I have a sketch in one of my journals and want or need to keep it the same then I’ll transfer it to the lino as a mirror image. This is also true for lettering. CHECK spelling is correct too – sometimes it’s a good idea not to be in a rush when doing this as I have to admit, I’ve carved AND printed with a spelling mistake, even though my original drawing was correct!

Transferring images to your block can be done in a number of ways but my go-to is using carbon paper. I then go over it with a permanent marker so it’s clear what I’m carving. Once done, I’m ready to ink up and print away! Fun!

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