Upcycling old sheets!

For a fabric hoarder, material is material is material! I have saved scraps left over from projects because I just couldn’t bear to part with them – even though I’d used most of the fabric and was enjoying it, the thought of not having any more once it was worn out is quite ‘hellish’ for me sometimes! Call it irrational, crazy or any other number of illogical adjectives but it almost breaks my heart to throw some pieces out!

Emotions aside though, it actually does make sense (up to a point) to re-use fabrics which are no longer able to be used in their original condition. Like sheets!

Rather than send them off to landfill, if they’re beyond repair , then I’ll cut the good bits up. They make great cleaning cloths but if they’re particularly pretty then Oh My Goodness there are a number of ways to upcycle! Coat hanger covers, door stops, plastic-bag holders or draft ‘snakes’. My favourite though is putting it in a quilt!

My baby blue damask sheets had finally had their day so I cut the badly worn pieces away and cut into strips. They added a nice touch to these blocks and now I can still enjoy them!

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