Upcycled Studio Aprons

Aprons (aka pinafores or affectionately as ‘pinnies’) are one of the most practical items in my studio! Not only does it protect my clothing but if it has pockets…well! there’s no end to all the handy bits they can hold! I also like to pin threaded needles or safety pins to the top when I need one at hand during intense stitching sessions or even to identify me when I wear a name badge! But for all it’s practical purposes I love to wear mine because they can say a lot about me!

Until recently, I used to put my ‘mark’ on them by printing with some of my lino blocks, or gelliprint or just a few stitches. Now that I’ve embraced upcycling and repurposing more in my life, nothing is sacred! I have a few denim ‘workshop’ aprons in the studio now which were made from old jeans, parts of which were still in good condition so why send them to landfill? Of course I then still like to put my mark on them when I’m done but it’s so satisfying knowing I’ve played even a small part in reducing some waste.

Firstly I cut away worn or torn pieces I can’t use and then separate the legs from the top. I cut up and through the centre of the back legs and sew them together to make up the main ‘body’ of the apron. these are ideal for participants or visitors to the studio!

If the back pockets are use-able then I’ll keep the back panel whole so I can add it to the larger pieces made up from the ‘legs’. These are perfect for me as I no longer have to go looking where I left my pen; scissors; hanky etc…

Once I’ve stitched together a large enough ‘body’ (especially important if using kids jeans!) then it’s time to cut the general shape which usually just means space for under the arms!

To finish, I’ll use some bias binding I made earlier – often from spare gelliprinted fabric or linoblock printed scraps.  It’s important to make sure you have enough for ties, top and back.

…And there you go! A perfectly unique, upcycled and repurposed creation!



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