Personalised Gifts!

When I was child in school, Mother’s Day was an occasion when we were all allowed to let loose in the art room to create something special for our mums! As I grew much older, I realised my own children also had this same licence! I have to say there have been some years which were either a ‘hit or miss’ but overall I did appreciate the efforts made! To this day, I still cherish the handmade items made with much love!

And that’s what it’s all about! That special something that may have been slightly imperfect but embodied so much emotion and ‘part of oneself’ which the giver wanted to share because it really was made with love for the recipient!



Well, I’m of the mindset that anything handmade is always special. Whether it be for a special day or not an occasion at all, the fact we are giving something of ourselves, perfect or not is I believe something we should celebrate!

“It’s the thought that counts” is something I feel quite strongly about and it’s how I also feel about handmade. Skills can be honed and improved with practice and I do feel there is a movement happening these days which is embracing some of the traditional crafts and practices, still making them relevant for today.

I’m still chasing that special something I felt as a child, even though I have hits and misses myself, I feel rewarded completing something I made, perfect or not! Making art is good for the soul and sharing that is pretty special for everyone.

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