Quilt Marking Pen or Tape?

Some people spend a lot of time on every aspect of their quilt – from choosing the design , to fabric choices and of course how to quilt it. A lot of time and effort goes into even the smallest creation so it’s no wonder many find it difficult to finish their masterpiece.

I tend to be less fussy, mainly because the quilt often directs ME in how it wants to be finished – whether it’s the style of quilt or just the amount of time I have in order to complete it. Many different reasons will determine the final outcome and for me, machine quilting my quilt is my first ‘go to’.

Most of the time I tend to favour wavy lines of stitching all over the quilt if it’s been pieced with freehand curves but sometimes it’s just straight stitching if a ruler has been involved in the blocks! Often I just start in the centre and work my way to the edges.


Lately I’ve been using masking tape or washi tape to create lines on the quilt for me to follow on the machine. Another way is to use a quilting pen which has disappearing ink, which either washes out or disappears at it dries.

In a recent machine quilting workshop I used both methods and have to say whilst both have their merits, I have become a big fan of the pen for smaller blocks as it’s much quicker than taping, removing and taping again. Be warned though, the ink can disappear pretty quickly so I’ve been marking one block at a time. Of course it’s a good idea to test on a scrap or offcut of the same fabric to make sure it does actually disappear!

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