Basic Nesting Seams

One way to reduce bulk when joining blocks together is to ‘nest your seams’. The more blocks, the more seams which can also mean more bulk. Bulk can sometimes result in ‘speed humps’ instead of straight lines!

A handy way to keep the back of your quilt blocks neat and less bulky is to make sure your seams are facing in opposite directions at each intersection. Pressing your seams helps them to nest easier. Line up the ‘sew line’ on both blocks with right sides together. Generally, you can ‘feel’ when the seams of the blocks have butted up against each other. Sometimes they may need a bit of ‘easing’ between thumb and forefinger to get into the right position.

Below is a simple intersection with four blocks. By nesting the seams, the joins have less bulk resulting in accurately lined up blocks.





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