Sewing in small batches

When sewing up a lot of patchwork blocks, my best piece of advice is to sew in small batches!

This does a couple of things. The first being, it is much easier to control! It can be quite difficult to manage your pile of pieces if you can’t see what’s going on. Piles or batches of ten work for me!

Secondly, it streamlines your work flow making your little production line much more efficient! Whether you have marked sewing lines or are piecing directional patches, keeping them in order ensures they stay in order. It’s also particularly handy if you have already placed your blocks how you want them to appear in your finished piece, block or row.

Thirdly, and also very importantly if you are constantly interrupted, and need to stop and start again having small, ordered batches means that it’s easier to pick up where you left off. Just a glance is enough, without having to go over it all again and check or count what has already been done or still needs doing.

Of course if you can’t keep your sewing area separate from other work spaces or prying fingers, these tips are still possible to achieve. I used to place my little piles of patches and half sewn blocks on a large square of wadding and found if I had to stop what I was doing then I’d just fold over the edges of wadding over the work and place out of harm’s way, turning off the sewing machine as I go. This way, children, pets or any others couldn’t be tempted to ‘check your progress’ andΒ  you have peace of mind that your work is still ready to go when you are!

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