Joining binding ends on your quilt

Recently I was shown this fail-proof method of joining my binding ends.

So, when you are ready to bind your quilt, firstly ensure you have enough binding to completely go around plus at least an extra 40cm.Β  I begin to stitch my binding to the quilt edge as usual (right sides together) starting at least half way down but leaving a tail of around 20cm before the first stitch. This will make your binding joins at the end much easier to manoeuvre and sew. Keep stitching all the way around until you are about 40cm from your starting point.

Now fold the ends so that they butt up against each other roughly in the unsewn middle and finger press a crease on both.


Cut the bottom binding only on your crease. Leave the top binding uncut.

With right sides together and at right angles, as in the pic above, line up the left side of the bottom binding to the crease of the top binding.


Pin in place and either draw a line on the cross or fold over and finger press -this is your sewing guide line. Either way will give you a 45 degree bias join when stitched.

Once the join has been sewn, check it fits neatly in place and adjust if necessary (it should be perfect but I prefer to err on the side of caution!). Trim to a quarter inch seam allowance and press your seam open.

Continue to sew the binding from where you left off (before joining your ends) and finish where you started. Voila! Perfectly joined binding ends!

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