A little visible mending goes a long way!

Over the last few years I have become quite conscious of fast fashion and it’s consequences so I’ve tried to be more mindful not only in my purchases but also what I already have.

In past generations, consumerism was nowhere near the levels of today and I find I am drawn to some of the more utilitarian methods of making do and using what we already have if I can. Crafting seems to have grown up!

From patchwork to mending, many old crafts are coming back but now, instead of just being a necessity they’re also becoming works of art; renewing our sense of purpose; reducing what we send to landfill; recycling and upcycling are becoming the new norm by choice as we begin to realise how our daily actions affect our world today and tomorrow.

My small amount of visible mending recently, reminded me of how even this act has meant that a piece of clothing that previously may have been easily and happily discarded in the past is still around in my wardrobe for a bit longer.

Perhaps it’s the fact we are currently experiencing a global pandemic and unless you absolutely must go out we’re all rediscovering ways to make staying home bearable by convincing ourselves we can make do. The thing is though, I’m actually enjoying the visible mending! I’m not that good at it but I’m comforted by the fact that not only is it for the greater good but I can add my own bit of ‘art’ to my everyday!

I’m sure my mother would have been looking on firstly shocked and then smugly that I’ve finally taken to a ‘chore’ so wholeheartedly! I wish I hadn’t scoffed when she used to darn socks as here I am repairing some wear and tear (and a hole) in a favourite pair of jeans! Admittedly it’s not pretty stitching but the thread is and it does the job! I’ve used bright but durable cotton which will cope with much washing and I also reinforced the back with some iron-on mending cloth instead of cotton fabric, to make it a bit more hardwearing (as I had a heap left over from when my kids were younger!).

It’s not quite finished as I have a few more coloured stitches to add but I’m pretty happy with how it’s going and chuffed with my small sense of achievement!

Even the little things can make a big difference.

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