Fun & Fresh!

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a creative and productive 2019! It seems I've started on the right foot so far - already two workshops down, a new print finished for an upcoming exhibition and some new teatowel prints in the window! AND it's only been ten days! One of these new teatowel  prints is very simple and very basic but done to show peeps out there thinking of carving a lino block that it really doesn't have to be too complicated. When I'm using family and friends as guinea ... Continue Reading

Seasons Greetings

Well it's that time of year again! The studio window has a few hand printed decorations in it; a printed banner using some stenciled lettering and lino block prints as well as a few hand printed fabric 'baubles'! Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope you all manage to make time to spend with loved ones and appreciate we all have much to be grateful for.       Continue Reading

Salt and bleeding colours

Ever worried a coloured garment may 'bleed' or 'run' into your other clothing in the washing machine? I do! It's why I often heed the manufacturer's advice and wash separately first wash. This isn't always practical and I admit I don't do it for every piece of clothing BUT there are some I definitely wouldn't risk it with! Dark clothing is a huge 'no' for me! Whether it's dark jeans or black cotton aprons! These aprons are lovely, thick cotton and they're a gorgeous black. So I usually ... Continue Reading

More Gift Certificates and 2019 Workshop Schedule done!

Gift Certificates are a great way to treat someone special! Not only do I have more hand printed vouchers in the studio but fancy red ones are available on Redballoon as well (under craft experiences)!   Also, the workshop schedule for next year is done ( click the workshop tab to check dates and see class descriptions).   Happy printing everyone!   Continue Reading

Stencils and lino blocks

Sometimes when I'm printing, I love the versatility of using some stencils to mix it up and create something unique even if it's temporary! This is particularly handy when I want something 'seasonal' for some gift giving. Generally I'll just cut some ordinary photocopy paper as I always have some of that around. It's also very easy to cut either with scissors or papercutting tools.     This year I've been playing around with 'star' stencils for a festive feel on some ... Continue Reading

World’s Greatest Shave

Ok folks, this isn't a post about printy things but still something close to my heart! My young Miss is getting involved with the  'World's Greatest Shave' and I'm so proud of her! The Leukaemia Foundation  uses all the funds raised to support people with blood cancer as well as research to beat it! So, she's going to donate her long ponytail to be turned into a wig for kids with cancer and the shorter hair clippings may be transformed into compost or even part of floating booms to absorb ... Continue Reading

Monoprints and monotypes

There can be many different processes and techniques when printing and one of my favourites is the monoprint! A monoprint is a single print or one-off where the image  is made once, unlike other printmaking methods which allows for multiples. Monoprints can however be thought of as variations on a theme, or series resulting from some features being found on the plate that persist from print to print. The plate itself contains no 'features' in that it is not engraved or etched but is ... Continue Reading

Wavy Improv!

There's something quite special about monoprints - each is so unique! I love the surprise each time I print. Some I love to keep as is, a moment of joyful discovery. Sometimes I just can't wait to cut them up and sew something even more special! I love the freedom of improvised piecing. One never knows exactly what is going to happen and it's so exciting finding out!     These gelliprints were made with wild parsley in my courtyard! Weeds, really but so pretty! I combined ... Continue Reading


There are lots of different ways to piece a quilt. Whilst I do love the patchwork of a traditional quilt with uniform blocks, the last few years I have really enjoyed the freedom of improvised piecing where I let the rotary cutter be the boss and go where it will! So... recently, all I can say is that I've been so busy sewing I've forgotten to post! And I've been making 'waves'! This is one of the quilt backings where I have gelliprinted wider width (aka wideback) fabric strips in ... Continue Reading

Making bias binding

Usually, the type of binding I use for my quilts is straight grain with bias seams. Sometimes however, there is a need for a more flexible binding and this calls for bias binding - mainly for curves such as on a scalloped edge like a traditional Wedding Ring quilt, as it has more stretch. I prefer to make my own binding,  because if I've printed a quilt myself then it will look better finished with handprinted binding also. Bias binding is cut on the cross or the bias of the fabric. To ... Continue Reading