Upcycled Studio Aprons

Aprons (aka pinafores or affectionately as 'pinnies') are one of the most practical items in my studio! Not only does it protect my clothing but if it has pockets...well! there's no end to all the handy bits they can hold! I also like to pin threaded needles or safety pins to the top when I need one at hand during intense stitching sessions or even to identify me when I wear a name badge! But for all it's practical purposes I love to wear mine because they can say a lot about me! Until ... Continue Reading

Upcycling old sheets!

For a fabric hoarder, material is material is material! I have saved scraps left over from projects because I just couldn't bear to part with them - even though I'd used most of the fabric and was enjoying it, the thought of not having any more once it was worn out is quite 'hellish' for me sometimes! Call it irrational, crazy or any other number of illogical adjectives but it almost breaks my heart to throw some pieces out! Emotions aside though, it actually does make sense (up to a point) ... Continue Reading

Lettering on Lino!

I love the versatility of lino printing - reasonably easy to do; doesn't require a whole lot of fancy tools or equipment and I can whip something up pretty quickly! Whether it's a last minute gift (which I'd spent months thinking about but didn't action until the night before!) or a genuinely spur of the moment idea for something fun! Cards are a great way to experiment and gift. It really is the thought that counts! So... when I'm dreaming up my next lino print a little thought does go a ... Continue Reading

Acknowledgement Of Country

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. I pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. Like many who live in this Lucky Country I am not a First Nations descendant. I'm very grateful to live here with my family and want to celebrate all that is good about Australia with everyone. I attended the wonderful Balit Narrun - Share the Spirit Festival in the Treasury Gardens this ... Continue Reading

Getting Organised!

It's great to have a place for everything and everything in its place! Although not always the case in reality, life really is so much easier when your work space is organised! Recently some more space became available in my studio and so I knew I no longer had any more excuses! I can now breathe a sigh of relief as my dream of having enough cupboard space becomes reality and all my boxes which had started to overflow and pile up again are now sorted in some semblance of order and all my ... Continue Reading

Fun & Fresh!

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a creative and productive 2019! It seems I've started on the right foot so far - already two workshops down, a new print finished for an upcoming exhibition and some new teatowel prints in the window! AND it's only been ten days! One of these new teatowel  prints is very simple and very basic but done to show peeps out there thinking of carving a lino block that it really doesn't have to be too complicated. When I'm using family and friends as guinea ... Continue Reading

Seasons Greetings

Well it's that time of year again! The studio window has a few hand printed decorations in it; a printed banner using some stenciled lettering and lino block prints as well as a few hand printed fabric 'baubles'! Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope you all manage to make time to spend with loved ones and appreciate we all have much to be grateful for.       Continue Reading

Salt and bleeding colours

Ever worried a coloured garment may 'bleed' or 'run' into your other clothing in the washing machine? I do! It's why I often heed the manufacturer's advice and wash separately first wash. This isn't always practical and I admit I don't do it for every piece of clothing BUT there are some I definitely wouldn't risk it with! Dark clothing is a huge 'no' for me! Whether it's dark jeans or black cotton aprons! These aprons are lovely, thick cotton and they're a gorgeous black. So I usually ... Continue Reading

More Gift Certificates and 2019 Workshop Schedule done!

Gift Certificates are a great way to treat someone special! Not only do I have more hand printed vouchers in the studio but fancy red ones are available on Redballoon as well (under craft experiences)!   Also, the workshop schedule for next year is done ( click the workshop tab to check dates and see class descriptions).   Happy printing everyone!   Continue Reading

Stencils and lino blocks

Sometimes when I'm printing, I love the versatility of using some stencils to mix it up and create something unique even if it's temporary! This is particularly handy when I want something 'seasonal' for some gift giving. Generally I'll just cut some ordinary photocopy paper as I always have some of that around. It's also very easy to cut either with scissors or papercutting tools.     This year I've been playing around with 'star' stencils for a festive feel on some ... Continue Reading